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The Truth Agents/Brokers & FFM Navigators The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Health Insurance Deadline

Businesses urged to prepare as Obamacare approaches

Louisiana insurance agents react to health marketplace opening

Concerns Raised in Louisiana about Navigating Health Exchange

Landrieu Leads Effort to Make Affordable Care Act Work Better for La. Families and Businesses

Allison Bell LifeHealthPro:  If you were at HAFA’s meeting last year, you could have been in a small room with Sen. Bill Cassidy, who’s now one of the key guys shaping the H.R. 1628 debate. It’s hard to get any more inside than that without being a blood relative of someone who works in the White House.

Agent Groups, Insurers Mobilize for Harvey

Trump Executive Order Eases The Way For Association Health Plans

Here We Go Again! No Vote On ACA Repeal

Georgia May Let Insurers Skip Paying Some Health Commissions